Stoughton Grade 10 students take their learning on the road!

Stoughton Grade 10 students took their learning on the road with a trip to Winnipeg.

The class began their trip with a walking history and archeological tour of The Forks. The Forks is located at the junction of the Red River and Assiniboine river and served as an Indigenous meeting place for over 6,000 years. Artifacts that were found at the site provide extensive knowledge about the trade routes that were used in the area.


Students continued their trip with a tour of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights and take in the “When Rights are Denied” program. This program is designed to highlight examples of what can happen when human rights are denied. This was a very informative day and a learning experience that will stick with students for a long time.


The class wrapped up their trip with a history boat tour of the Red River and Assiniboin River. During the tour the students learned about the history of Louis Riel.